Georgia Metal Prints

About This Collection

The Georgia metal prints feature a collection of subjects from around my home state of Georgia. These metal prints feature locations I've lived as well as those I've visited over the years. I was raised in Georgia and have spent the bulk of my live living here. So the local artwork on these metal prints is particularly special to me. 

You'll find many places represented here but in particular the Atlanta area, the Georgia coast, and places surrounding Macon County, Georgia, where I grew up. And I'm always looking for the next local subject to add to my work! It's a labor of love capturing the beauty of my home state.

These metal prints are a contemporary choice for wall art. With metal prints the artwork is printed on a thin sheet of aluminum which is mounted on a recessed wooden frame. The result is thin glossy art that appears to float just above the wall. These Georgia metal prints are available for you to purchase in a range of sizes and may be used in your home or place of business in small vignettes or as a large focal piece of wall art in your decor.

If you have any questions about these metal prints or any of the products on this site, please send me a message. I'm always happy to discuss anything you wish and am here to answer your questions before and after your purchase.