Featured Lighthouse Canvas Prints

Something Magical

Lighthouses are a long time love of mine. My mother collected them and often talked about the ones she had visited growing up near the gulf coast. When she talked about them her eyes lit up. There was something magical about them for her. And so she passed along the bug from an early age.

In fact, it was the St Marks Lighthouse that she spoke of most vividly. So eventually it had to find a place in my ever-growing collection of lighthouse artwork. And even though she has developed dementia, her eyes lit up again when seeing my work.

Why I do this

And ultimately that's why I enjoy what I do. The lighthouse canvas prints and all the other wall art of varying subjects on my site are about interacting with others. It brings a smile to my face knowing that I've brought a little joy and color into someone's home. This is its own kind of magic.

I didn't train as an artist in school, it was something I found after college and working as a project manager for years.

Customer Reviews

Judy R - Kentucky

St. George Island Lighthouse

"I bought the card and print as gifts and the recipients were excited to receive them. These beautiful items were so life like and brought much happiness to those thinking of the wonderful and meaningful times spent together on St. George."

Darrin A. - Alabama

Excellent Art and Customer Service

"I purchased the Chapel of Memories print for my daughter who will be graduating from MS State in the Spring of '22 and she loved it. The colors were vibrant and the print was exactly as described..."

Matthew R - Kentucky

Mark's Art (and Customer Service) Is Awesome!

"I purchased three of Mark's Savannah prints over the course of a year for my girlfriend's guest room... The images are very vivid and colorful - they stand out above all of the other art I've seen that depicts Savannah, GA. Mark followed up with me on all of my purchases..."

Susan L - Wisconsin


"I just love this print. It is nicer in person than in the ad. It is currently being framed. It will look great on my wall . Mark does wonderful work."

"Mother Of the Groom" - Johns Creek

Wedding Gift

"I purchased a pair of Tisdale artwork for a wedding gift. The couple are getting married this summer in a facility on the Chattahoochee in Roswell, GA..."

How can I help?

I've been working as an artist for 15 years. Most of that time it has been my full time job. If there's any questions that I can answer before you purchase, please send a message. If there's something I can do to personalize an image, I'm happy to discuss.

I also keep a list of subjects people are searching for, so if you enjoy the style of my work but haven't seen the lighthouse you're looking for, definitely let me know.

At the end of the day, I want you to know that there's a live human being behind this who cares that you get the product and service you are searching for. The same person doing the art is answering your messages. I follow up on all orders and I care that you feel your money was well spent.