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Placing Your Order

Once you've found the print you're ready to purchase, click the 'add to cart' or 'buy it now' button adjacent to the artwork you'd like. "Add to cart" is best if you're interested in adding additional items to your cart while the "but it now" button will take you directly to the checkout process. 

You can begin checkout at any time by clicking the cart button at the top of the page. Follow the instructions in the checkout process to complete your order. Payment options including PayPal and credit card. 

If you have problems completing your order or any questions or concerns before or after your purchase please send me a message so that I can assist you with your purchase.

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This shop accepts payment in the following currencies. 

    • US Dollar
    • Canadian Dollar
    • British Pound
    • Euro
    • Australian Dollar
    • New Zealand Dollar
    • Japanese Yen

For your convenience the cost of each product is shown converted to your local currency from USD. Due to rounding differences, this may differ slightly from what you see during checkout.  If you are using Paypal to make your purchase, payment will be in USD.

If your local currency is listed and you are not seeing prices in that currency, you should see a currency selector at the very bottom of the page.

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Fulfillment Network

The print products available on this site are custom printed and dispatched directly from the vendor to you. Their network enables me to send prints to you from the closest fulfillment center saving both time as well as environmental costs. The following is a list of fulfillment locations and products.

Art Prints & Canvas Prints

    • Atlanta, GA - USA
    • Charlotte, NC - USA
    • Chicago, IL - USA
    • Los Angeles, CA - USA
    • Toronto, Ontario - Canada
    • Glasgow, Scotland - UK
    • Boxtel, Netherlands - EU
    • Brisbane, QLD - Australia

Metal Prints

    • Charlotte, NC - USA
    • Austin, TX - USA
    • Glasgow, Scotland - UK

Greeting Cards

    • Charlotte, NC - USA
    • Glasgow, Scotland - UK

Product Information

Want to know more about the product types listed above, you can read the product information page for more details or send me a message with your questions. 

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Shipping Information

Each print product ordered from this site is custom printed when your order is submitted. As such, there is production time before your order is actually shipped. This lead time to create a professional museum quality print for you will typically be from 3 to 5 business days.

Available shipping methods will vary with the product but the shipping method you choose at checkout ultimately only determines how long delivery takes after your print is complete and shipped. The actual production time prior to shipping remains the same.

Please note - my print partner does not ship to Post Office Boxes. Please provide a street address where your package can be delivered. It can be your home, where you work, or other arrangements. Send a message before ordering if you have questions about delivery.

Please note shipping and production is taking longer than normal right now - read my Coronavirus/Covid-19 information page for up to date information.

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A Brief Note on Display Calibration

Many of us don’t realize that just as we may not like the color on one TV versus another when shopping for a new set, displays for our PCs, laptops and other devices also vary widely. And they also change over time, such that the color, contrast, and brightness a year from now will not be the same for any display no matter how good.

There’s a ton of information online about monitor calibration that you can read at your leisure. But quite honestly the average person is unlikely to purchase a monitor calibration tool like the x-rite i1Display Pro which I personally use to make sure my prints match what I see on my display. You can, however, get some idea if your display is fairly accurate using sites like this one.

I believe that for the majority of the people reading this if you like the image you see on your screen, you’ll love the print you receive. In fact, many of my past customers have told me they liked what they received better than what they saw on their screen.

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What Are You Purchasing?

Your purchase through this site is for a print that I expect you will display and enjoy in the setting of your choosing, be it home, office, or other. You are free, of course, to keep it, give it away or sell it on as you wish.

I believe the following is directed at a very small minority of people, but purchase of a print does not entitle the recipient of the print the right to publish, copy, license, or otherwise make derivative versions of the artwork. If you are interested in using my work for other purposes, please send me a message and we can work out the details of your project.

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