Classic Colonial Home - Williamsburg Metal Print

Classic Colonial Home - Williamsburg Metal Print

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Classic Colonial Home - Williamsburg Metal Print by Mark Tisdale.

This Williamsburg metal print features a classic colonial home that sits alongside the Palace Green. There's a real sense of the distant past standing in Williamsburg as well as in looking at this artwork. The two story Georgian that is the subject of this scene is known as the Elkanah Deane house. Williamsburg is a mixture of historic buildings that have stood for centuries and buildings that have been partially or entirely reconstructed. Some of the reconstructions were, in fact, built over their original foundations. In the case of this classic colonial home the original was gone by the close of the 18th century but when mixed with genuinely old buildings it becomes part of the fabric of historic Colonial Williamsburg that gives it such a strong sense of colonial America. And this is a home style that remains classic up until modern times.

Part of what I like about this scene isn't even the historic setting it's simply that it has a classic feel of America to it. From the wood Georgian architecture to the picturesque setting. It just clicks with many of us.

What attracts you to this particular print? Is it the location or the feeling it gives you? Or perhaps some of both and more?

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