Four Seasons In Britain - Red Telephone Box Metal Print

Four Seasons In Britain - Red Telephone Box Metal Print

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Four Seasons In Britain - Red Telephone Box Metal Print by Mark Tisdale.

This red telephone box metal print features each of the four seasons in Britain. This presentation combines four different images I did in a series focusing on the seasons of the year. All four images include a classic British red phone booth. Spring is represented by a flowering cherry with blossoms blowing on the wind. Summer includes beach huts on the seaside. Autumn is on a backdrop of orange and gold fall leaves while, in a manner similar to spring some of the leaves blow by. And last, winter is shown with a snow covered landscape and a big bright full moon. Each of the original images are square and they are presented together in a square format as well.

If you've explored my work then you may know I have a soft spot for those old red phone boxes, so this series of the four seasons in Britain was one I thoroughly enjoyed. And the result is a bright and cheerful set of images with a British theme that has appeal for many Anglophiles. And this combination of them into a single metal print gives you the chance to collect all four seasons even if you don't have space for them as individual prints.

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