Memories On East Three Notch - Andalusia - Metal Print

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Memories On East Three Notch - Andalusia Metal Print by Mark Tisdale.

This original Andalusia metal print features the old schoolhouse on East Three Notch. When my Mom attended this school, it was East Three Notch Elementary. Today it's been renovated and is Andalusia's City Hall.

This Andalusia print is of interest to many who have called Andalusia, Alabama, home and probably especially that generation who attended school within those lovely brick walls.

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Metal Print Detail ViewWhen ordering metal prints the only selection to make is size. Stylish metal prints come ready to hang out of the box. While other print formats are comparatively traditional choices, metal prints are a more contemporary decorating choice. They are offset from the wall by a 3/4" thick wooden frame which is attached to the back. The result is a thin high gloss print that appears to float free of the wall.

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