Patriotic Statue of Liberty Metal Print

Patriotic Statue of Liberty Metal Print

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Patriotic Statue of Liberty Metal Print by Mark Tisdale.

This patriotic Statue of Liberty metal print is meant to evoke the feeling of an old mural. The statue itself is based on photos from the first time I saw Lady Liberty rising majestically above the water. There's such a timeless quality that you can imagine how someone a century ago may have felt seeing her for the first time.

When I created this artwork years ago I wanted it to have a timeworn feeling that suggests it was painted on a brick wall sometime ago. Or perhaps even an old poster adhered to a wall. And of course the stars and stripes of the American flag gives it a strong patriotic feeling.

What attracts you to this Statue of Liberty artwork?

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Metal prints are a contemporary and stylish choice that will arrive at your door ready to hang.

The artwork is printed on a 1/16" thick sheet of aluminum that is then mounted on a 3/4" thick wooden frame. The wooden frame is recessed from the edge of the print giving the appearance of a thin high-gloss metal print that appears to be offset from your wall.

Each metal print is made to your order and printed using archival quality materials that should last a lifetime. Metal prints take 10 to 15 business days to produce and are shipped directly to you in sturdy packaging.

The only decision you will have to make when ordering your metal print is how large you would like it to be.

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