Phone Box Sign - British Design Canvas Print
Phone Box Sign - British Design Canvas Print
Phone Box Sign - British Design Canvas Print

Phone Box Sign - British Design Canvas Print

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Phone Box Sign - British Design Canvas Print by Mark Tisdale.

This British design canvas print features a classic red phone box sign as one would see on the top of a red telephone booth. I've done a number of red telephone box prints over the years as they are something of an obsession for me. Is there a 12 step program? In this one I wanted to focus just on the sign and the crown above it. In part because it's a change of pace, but more so because sometimes it's great fun to focus on the design details and Sir Giles Gilbert Scott's classic red telephone kiosk is filled with clean but stylish design elements.

This phone box sign artwork would be a fun addition to a room or business with British themed decor. Alas, some of us can't fit a full phone box in our homes so maybe a life sized canvas art reproduction of the sign alone is the trick?

Canvas Prints - Product Information

Stretched canvas prints are a great choice for decorating your home or office. Canvas art is a classic choice that is at home in traditional and modern decor alike.

After the purchase of your canvas print, it is made to your order. The artwork is printed on an acid-free poly/cotton blend canvas. The use of archival inks and substrate means that your canvas art print should last a lifetime without fading or loss of color.

When ordering your print, you have a choice between glossy and matte finishes. While I ordinarily love matte finishes on prints, I do like the sheen that comes on glossy canvas prints. Ultimately I would suggest letting the amount of light in your space guide your choice. In a brightly lit environment, I would lean towards a matte finish to reduce the chance of glare.

Canvas Print Detail Sample

There are three wrap styles to choose from for canvas prints. The mirrored wrap choice mirrors and extends the image to the sides of the canvas wrap (without losing any of the original artwork on the front). The majority of the time I would suggest this is the best choice. The other two options are a solid black wrap or white wrap. You can see a preview of each option when selecting wrap color.

After printing, the canvas is stretched over and secured to a wooden frame of 1.5" by 1.5" stretcher bars. The entire production process takes from 10 to 15 business days. Your artwork will arrive in sturdy packaging. The hanging wire will be attached and all hardware necessary to hang your canvas print will be included. Canvas prints are a great ready-to-hang option.

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